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Welcome to MisrMau
Breeders of the Egyptian Mau 

We are a small cattery in the Macedon Ranges area, about 55km from central Melbourne and 25km from Melbournes Tullamarine Airport, Australia. We only breed the Egyptian Mau focusing on clean, untarnished Silver and Smoke Mau. We exhibit our exquisite cats at various cat shows throughout the year.

The name Misr Mau comes from Misr meaning Egypt (the land) or Cairo and Mau, the shortening of Egyptian Mau. Mau is a colloquial term for cat in Arabic.

Thousands of years ago Egyptian people began to tame wild cats for pets. Cats were used to keep pests out of their food reserves. The cat did such a good job that the Egyptian people began to worship the cat. The Goddess Bastet is the result of this. The native cat of the land of Egypt is the Egyptian Mau.

In September 2014 Channel Ten visited the Royal Melbourne Show and filmed some of the Cat Show. Our little Cheops had his 5 seconds of fame. So proud of him. The main Cat Show section appears at about 12 minutes in.


Did you know? T he Egyptian Mau is the fastest domestic cat in the world. It has been clocked at over 58km an hour.

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