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Egyptian Mau Kittens

Egyptian Mau Kittens

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The Smoke Egyptian Mau: Despite its markings the smoke Mau is not a tabby cat. The Egyptian Mau is unusual in having a patterned smoke. There is no equivalent of the smoke Mau in any other breed even though the black smoke does exist in other breeds, other breeds are preferred to have no tabby markings in their smoke cats. The coat differs in the Smoke with it being silky and fine instead of dense and resilient in texture like the silver or bronze Mau. Some of the other differences in the smoke to the silver is that it has a black nose and black whiskers. The smoke has a pale silver ground colour across the head, shoulders, legs, tail and underside, with all hairs to be tipped in black. All markings are jet black with a white to pale silver undercoat, with sufficient contrast against the ground colour for pattern to be plainly visible. Nose, lips and eyes outlined in jet black. Upper area, chin and around nostrils lightest in colour. The paw pads are black with black between the toes and extending beyond the paws of the hind legs. 
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Kittens do not go to their new homes until they are 16 weeks of age. This is to give them more time to learn to socialise and to learn life skills. Kittens come desexed, microchipped and having had their second sometimes third round of vaccinations. Once they have had their 2 vaccination you are able to make an appointment to come see the kittens and to help with their socialising.
You will be required to fill in a questionaire to go onto the waiting list. The Egyptian Mau is an indoor cat and should only go outside in a run or on a leash (yes, you can walk a Mau on a leash). You must also agree not to declaw your Mau.
Kitten Adoption Costs:
Kitten - $2000 + shipping fees
Breeding Quality Kitten (Entire) - At this stage I will not be homing kittens to breeders, this may change in the future